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About –> Immune Complexes –> product of antibody binding to antigen.

Designer antibody therapy and antibody design for best capture of analytes in the diagnostic laboratory set the stage for antigen-antibody complexes as illimited scenarios of applications.

Interaction of Immune Complexes with cells and complement taps into so far unknown sites and effector systems relevant to human pathology, including, at its very best, the NLRP3 inflammasome system. Vitreous water electron cryomicroscopy (Nobel Prize 2017, Uni Lausanne, Switzerland: Jacques Dubochet) is a future which will uncover many so far hidden conformations/interactions.  Immune Complexes and their receptor lab analytics, including complement system impacts piled up into big data warehouses need  to be turned into smart data for the patients – a challenge for primary caretakers cross-examined with this website, In 2018, Dr. Nydegger is focusing his attention to the liver: this solid organ of vertebrates has not been classified as part of the immune system, a point that needs apology. When clinicians see the liver under attack by autoimmune processes inducing self-perpetuating inflammation, they see the organ as victim rather as a proactive disease catalyst – we are now back from  the 11th International Congress on Autoimmunity.

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